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Entirely of possibility

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I'm 22 and I live in Tynemouth, Newcastle, England.

I'm the maintainer of 2 Livejournal Communities: 8lur & formula1


I'm now nearly 32, I live in West Monkseaton, have a house & a bird.
7, 8, 80's, a-team, alex james, bar, beach, bed, bedroom, beedy eyes, bestfriend, big cars, big speakers, bike rides, blur, brown hair, bulletproof, buying cool stuff, car rallying, cars, cash, cats, cereal, champcars, chippy, cinema, coldplay, computers, damon albarn, damon hill, dave rowntree, death, desperados, drink, drums, dvd's, eating pants, eyes, f1, f3, f3000, fia, fight club, food, formula 1, formula 3000, formula ford, frentzen, friends, fun, funny films, gadgets, games, geordies, good times, graham coxon, gta3, guitars, guns, hail stones, happy things, hats, hives, hot drinks, ice cream, idlewild, interesting things, internet, james hunt, james peacock's plastic hair, jazz, jiffa jaffa, junk food, knight rider, late nights, lenny kravitz, leo, life, livejournal, mika hakkinen, milk, minardi, mini's, mobile phones, momins tandoori, money, monkeys, motorsport, mp3s, murray walker, muse, music, my desktop, new things, newcastle, nice beer, nice females, nice girls, nice ladies, nice people, normal people, party's, pasta, people, pianos, pink floyd, playstation2, pretty lights, prost, quake, r.e.m, rain, red wine, road signs, rusty, sand, school networks, sea, seats, shinny happy people, silver, skateboards, sleep, sleeping, sleepovers, snow, speed, spice, staind, stuff, super computers, sweets, tango, the colour blue, the simpsons, the sims, the verve, tintin, toilets, toyota, travis, trumpets, warm weather, weezer, weird people, weird pictures, wheatus, wrc, yellow,