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Well today has been truly shit, didn't finish work till 7 and the fucking office didn't help - took over an hour for them to get back to me when I needed some help. Cocks. The office staff need to pull there finger out like. Gonna be fun in the depths of winter!

Argh wish I didn't have to work.
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Milk Carton

Livejournal and life.

Well its been a while since I last used this boy, used to make 4 updates a day at one point and now you re lucky if I make one a year. I wanna start using this again, not really bothered if no one else reads it, sometimes its just good to write about how you feel and what you're thinking, like therapy perhaps, I dunno, I'm not cracking up haha.
Livejournal has changed loads since the last time I used it, mainly full of adverts, its a shame like but whatever.
Anyway been up at the house today doing the central heating, got all downstairs working just got to finish the upstairs circuit. I cant wait to move in, it seems to be taking forever at the moment. We've just got approval from the council for the loft conversion so we can get to work with that, hopefully have it all done in a couple of months, then do the garden in the summer. We'll wait and see mind, I wanted it all finished in September - that didn't happen.
Was up in town last night for Potters birthday, was a canny good night, although Tom fucked off to try and bone a bird, and Peter did the same, snaaaaaaaakes. Haha.

Anyhoo, I shall retire and get some sleep, absolutely, lovely work tomorrow. Oh fun.
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Milk Carton


Happy New Year and all that! Was one to remember like, for all the wrong reasons. Self inflicted though as usual.

I'm not going to make any resolutions for this year. Because I always fucking break them, biggest pile of shite ever.

I'm leaving my dad's business at the end of the month so I really need another job in place otherwise I'm fucked. I have been applying though, to various places so we will see what happens. I might have to resort to working in a bar or something if I can't get anything.

Anyway didn't come on here to write a big essay. Just to say that apparently Blur are getting back together for 2007. Sweet. I saw an article in the Sun newspaper, so its probably bollocks but nevermind.
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Peacocks birthday bash was good last night, got some photos to put up. Still got your card les. I'm off to Turkey on Monday with Tom for 2 weeks which will be a laugh... I hope. I should come back black as the ace of spades though which will be well needed I think. Shame Fish boy and The Sexminer couldn't come.

Anyway seeya in 2 weeks if I survive.

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